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Sponsorship not aimed at athletes but at their kids

Posted on: January 20, 2010

When it comes to advertising, most companies are looking for their own Peyton Manning. Manning, an athlete that can promote pretty much anything is a company’s dream sponsor. With the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games coming up, many new and different companies are trying to jump on the athlete bandwagon to promote their products. The most recent is Pampers, who recently designed a new high performance diaper mainly for the future Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Game’s athletes and their families. Pampers partnered with Team USA and are using two hopeful athlete’s families to promote this new high end diaper. Olympic gold medal speedskater Chad Hedrick and skeleton World Champion and Olympic hopeful Noelle Pickus-Pace were each chosen along with their families to proudly display and promote this new diaper. Pampers angle with this whole new promotion and advertising campaign is that every athlete’s dream is to make it to the Olympics and it is not only a personal goal, it is a shared goal with the whole entire family. Pampers also wants to show that these athletes are also parenting inspirations by showing that while they gain success through training, they also gain success through parenting.
Although I think it is a little strange that Pampers has pulled the athlete’s families into the mix instead of just focusing on the athlete, this twist in the campaign may really work for them. The marketing for this campaign will be geared towards mothers with young children but instead of just an average diaper campaign with a baby crawling around everywhere, this campaign will take what is happening in current events and promote it to their advantage. This campaign is also a smart move for Team USA. The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games have not been given a lot of promotion because no one is excited for them. There are not too many famous athletes competing and there really isn’t any profound story lines happening to make the event more appealing. Team USA was smart to pair up with Pampers and try and broaden their audience viewership with the targeting of the young mom. Although this is the only new and unusual marketing idea I have seen for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, it should not be the first. Team USA not only needs to be actively seeking other companies, but different companies also need to be finding an angle with Team USA. With the popularity of the Olympics down, it will be a lot less cheaper for many companies who can’t afford spots in the Super Bowl to start thinking about partnering up for the Olympics. If a company were to find that unique angle, it could pay wonders for them later. Most companies just need that something unique that can stand out from the other competitors and bring attention not only to your company, but also to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.


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