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NFL Pro Bowl=Epic Failure

Posted on: January 29, 2010

As everyone interested in football and the Super Bowl knows, the Pro Bowl game is coming up this Sunday. This is a rare thing for the Pro Bowl as it is usually held in Hawaii and it has always been held the Sunday after the Super Bowl. The Pro Bowl, which is seen as a fun post season game for most players, has taken a turn against the players this year with their one-year experiment. The NFL is not really concerned about the safety of those participating in the Super Bowl, but that the players fulfill their Pro Bowl obligations. In their contracts with the NFL, all players are required to fulfill media obligations if they are voted to the Pro Bowl which puts the seven Colts players and seven Saints players are a disadvantage with their team. Both teams stated that they do not plan on making the team trip to Miami the site of the Super Bowl till Monday. Neither teams had made any public outcries against the NFL until Colt’s President Bill Polian expressed on his weekly radio show his disgust with the Pro Bowl planning committee and how their bad planning is hurting the players in the end. Both teams have stated that their seven players will fly to Miami after a brief morning workout and fulfill their obligations and then fly back that night before returning the next day with their respective teams to begin preparation for the Super Bowl.

The backlash against the Pro Bowl has been significant this year as 29 players have pulled out due to injury or participation in the Super Bowl. Instead of a game of all-stars, the Pro Bowl has now become a game of second, third and even fourth best. With the changes this year, the NFL has turned the Pro Bowl into a game anyone can play in instead of the prestigious game that only the best of the best could compete in. It is just plain silly that the NFL is requiring the players of the Super Bowl to make an appearance because of the bad publicity that the game is receiving. I understand that it is a contractual obligation, but they are more concerned about the money and media attention these players can garner rather then what multiple plane trips can do to an athlete’s body.  The players playing next weekend in the Super Bowl are putting more strain on their bodies by flying three times to and from the same place in a 24 hour period. Jon Gruden, former coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers commented that the Super Bowl is the pinnacle of any player’s career and the added stress of extra travel could be harsh on their bodies.

The NFL needs to evaluate what it thinks is important. Having players make an appearance for possibly more money for the NFL or having healthy players that could make the Super B0wl that much more interesting.


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