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The Rebuilding of Gilbert Arenas

Posted on: February 3, 2010

A silent Gilbert Arenas walks into a Washington D.C. courtroom on January 15 where he plead guilty to one felony count of carrying a pistol without a license. Arenas will be back in court on March 26 for his sentencing hearing.

There is no place good to start when it comes to Gilbert Arenas. The disgraced Washington Wizards star was suspended on his birthday without pay for the rest of the season by NBA Commissioner David Stern. A week before that, Arenas plead guilty to one felony count of carrying a pistol without a license stemming from a December 21 incident with teammate Javaris Crittenton. All of this leads us to today where Arenas has issued a public apology to not only the people of Washington D.C., but also the children of all the D.C. area schools. Arenas stated that he lost sight of former Wizard’s owner Abe Pollin’s lessons that responsibility comes with the opportunities that Pollin presented to Arenas.

“I reiterate now the pledge I made to those students: that this is a responsibility I am not going to walk away from, that I will choose more wisely in the future and do my best to help guide children into brighter futures,” said Arenas.

Where does this apology come from? Well we have to start at the beginning. According to court documents, on the night of December 19 and into the early hours of December 20, Arenas and Crittenton began an argument stemming from a gambling debt that Crittenton had with Arenas. Arenas and Crittenton both threatened to shoot each other and on December 21, both men pulled out unloaded guns at each other in the Washington Wizards locker room. After the argument, Arenas put all four of the guns in his locker in a suitcase and gave it to a teammate who he instructed to take to his car. After the teammate could not find Arenas car, he left the suitcase in a safe spot with security management. After security found out about the guns, the approached Arenas who claimed that he had brought the guns to the locker room to keep them away from his three small children.

The majority of his story is full of so many lies and it also just paints the picture of how immature Arenas is. What example is he setting for not only the children who look up to NBA players, but also his own children. All Arenas needs is good publicity right now and nothing negative. He can not look to his past mistakes. He must look towards the future and work on his relationship with those who have supported him throughout the NBA. I feel as though Arenas would be in less trouble with the NBA if he would have stepped up and admitted his wrong doings instead of making fun of the situation by shooting a pretend gun at his teammates before a game against the Philadelphia 79ers on December 22. Arenas needs to take this time away from basketball and evaluate what is going on with his life. He needs to become fully involved in helping children in the Washington D.C. area and working on restoring his name. There is much speculation that Arenas will not be with the Wizards much longer and if that is true, Arenas needs to start working on his character if he wants to attract any of the owners in the NBA.

If anything, he needs to learn from Ron Artest and learn to move on and try and rebuild that huge pile of dump that is his life.

Gilbert Arenas shoots a pretend gun at his teammates during the pregame introductions before the game against the Philadelphia 76ers on December 22. This picture is what prompted NBA commissioner David Stern to suspend Arenas indefinitely.


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