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No football in 2011? Say it ain’t so

Posted on: February 6, 2010

If any of you have recently heard, there could be a lockout by the NFL Players Association prior to the start of the 2011 NFL season. Personally, I think this would be an extreme travesty because football is huge part of my Sundays and what would Sundays be without some sitting around all day just enjoying some football while hanging out with family and friends.

NFL comissioner Roger Goodell and NFLPA director DeMaurice Smith

The players association and the NFL owners are currently trying to settle a new Collective Bargaining Agreement that expires after the 2010 season. The NFLPA director, DeMaurice Smith, was asked on a scale of 1 to10 to rate the chance of the lockout happening and he said “14.” We are doomed. Goodell and the NFL are arguing that the league will not make money if it is shut down, but Smith and the association will be arguing that even though no games will be playing, the league will still be making $5 billion. No matter what the dilemma is, we as the fans have to start thinking of new pastimes that we can partake in or watch if this lockout does occur.

  • We can pool all of our money together and bring back the Arena Football League. Now, it is not true “American football,” but they will at least be using the good old pigskin for something. The field may be smaller, but the intensity is just as high as the NFL. Americans love violence and seeing big hits. AFL will do until we get bored from the extremely way too high scoring games
  • Its time for the United State Football League to make a come back. Lets all call up Donald Trump and convince him that yes, he was right, the NFL is a monopoly. We admit they would eventually have a downfall and we will welcome you back to recreate your precious USFL. I know he wants to not be remembered for some failures, so this is one he can redo. Just don’t try and convince anyone that this league could actually compete with the NFL.
  • Soccer. It’s an international hit. We all know David Beckham as Mr. Posh Spice, but did you know that he is actually a very talented footballer? This sport has not caught much attention because of major American sports like football, baseball and basketball but with one of the three out of the way, it makes the door wide open for the sport. We can start becoming like the rest of the world and know all of the players on Real Madrid and possibly, Americans could win the world cup? Not likely, but just a thought.
  • Disc Golf. It is the sport of the new millennium. We can use those old football stadiums as Disc Golf fields and create a new trend throughout the world. Maybe, we could even campaign it to become an Olympic sport. Not happening either.

Well, that are some pretty good ideas, but lets be honest, nothing can replace the NFL. We need it every Sunday, August through February, like clock work. Nothing makes our adrenaline rush faster then a tight game with a last second drive in the fourth quarter. What would Sports Center talk about on Mondays? What would we do without our Peyton Manning commercials? I don’t think we can fully be ourselves without our Sunday afternoon football.


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