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Sore loser Russian creates new medal

Posted on: February 23, 2010

American Evan Lysacek poses with his gold medal while silver medalist Evgeni Plushenko hangs his head in disappointment.

Russian Champion and silver medalist at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics Evgeni Plushenko created a controversy this past week when he made rude comments towards USA gold Medalist Evan Lysacek and recently claimed on his website that he won the platinum medal at the Vancouver games.

First and foremost, Plushenko could not keep his mouth shut Thursday night after losing to American Evan Lysacek. Plushenko was the only was to land a quad in competition while Lysacek did not even attempt one which means that Lysacek is the first gold medalist since 1988 to win without landing a quad. This did not sit well with the grumpy Russian. Plushenko said, “An Olympic champion who doesn’t know how to jump a quad, well I don’t know…. it’s not men’s figure skating. It’s dancing.” Well, in the words of Stephanie Tanner, “How Rude!” This type of behavior is completely out of line especially for a professional athlete. Plushenko was just rewarded with a silver medal and he already has a gold which most people in this world do not even get a chance to even try and achieve. He should have congratulated Lysacek and moved on. Lysacek took the high road and said he was disappointed hearing such comments from a role model but then congratulated Plushenko on winning his third Olympic medal. Thank you for being a gracious winner.

Plushenko was not the only one to chime in on his lack of winning the gold medal. Russian Prime Minister Vladamir Putin sent Plushenko a telegram saying that his silver was worth gold and he also said “You were able to overcome all the obstacles in your brave comeback and performed the most accomplished program on the Vancouver ice.” Good job Putin. Way to take a backwards stab at the Americans and the judging at the Olympics.

The front page of Evgeni Plushenko's website.

As you can clearly see, Plushenko shows a picture of all three medals he has won in the Olympics. He calls the first the Silver of Salt Lake, the second the Gold of Torino and the last the Platinum of Vancouver. Last time I checked, there is no platinum and you can’t change your medal or award yourself a new one. The Russian’s agent claimed that Plushenko had no idea about the mistake and that it was a “stupid thing.” If I was a fan of figure skating, I would say this is the last straw for Plushenko. The second he did not win gold, he has been bashing Lysacek nonstop and not letting him enjoy his moment of winning the gold. Plushenko needs to back off and move on. He has already claimed that he will come back in four years to try and win his gold back, so just do that. Shut up and get on with your life. The medals are never going to change so go back to Russia and practice some more.


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