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No gold this time around

Posted on: February 26, 2010

For the first time since 1964, the USA women went without a medal in figure skating competition at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Tara Lipinski, Sarah Hughes and Sasha Cohen have been holding the American torch for the past three Olympics and we as Americans put all our hopes and dreams of the Olympics on their tiny shoulders. But, there was no American sweetheart at this year’s Olympics, but according to figure skating experts, this drought will not last long. Mirai Nagasu and Rachael Flatt are young and just a little inexperienced. At 16-years-old, Nagasu finished fourth and just out of metal contention which is pretty good given that the scoring system in figure skating has become a lot harsher and harder for the younger athletes to adjust too.

The future for the American figure skaters is bright. They are young and they have four years to make an impression on the world. I see gold in Russia for Nagasu or Flatt but there is also others that could come up from the ranks. What also hurt the skaters this year was the fact that the United States decided to send only two skaters instead of the standard three. This is very rare but after a poor performance at US Nationals, it is not surprising that the US Olympic committee decided not to embarrass themselves hugely on the National stage by sending someone who clearly would not be ready.

One thing that i was glad to see at this year’s Olympics is the fact that not all the focus was on one sport or one athlete. We all realize that the Winter Olympics are not popular so usually the media likes to focus on one thing going into the events which usually is figure skating. Figure skating is a beautiful sport, but I also find it extremely boring. I was happy to not be hearing about a tiny little petite girl for weeks on end before and after the Olympics. Canada was a great host country and I felt as though this was the first Olympics where there was no major drama. Yes, the Georgian luger died, but there were no drug busts and not that many sore loser athletes. I was happy to see a fun Olympics without a star and just full of fun.


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