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Marion Jones wants a comeback

Posted on: March 15, 2010

Marion Jones breaks down at a news conference in 2007 where she admitted steriod use before being sentenced to six months in jail.

Fresh out of jail, Marion Jones is trying to make a comeback into the athletic world. Instead of trying to get back into track and field, Jones is getting back into her first love, basketball. Jones won a NCAA National Title in basketball back in 1994 when she was a freshman at the University of North Carolin and has decided that that experience is good enough to make a career in the WNBA. I don’t know what the Tulsa Shock were thinking when they decided to give her a contract but I don’t think she will go far with a $35,000 contract. I know that the team recently moved from Detroit to Tulsa so I see this as more of a publicity move than a move to get a potentially great athlete.

Honestly, I think the addition of Jones to the WNBA is a a huge publicity stunt all around. The WNBA is a struggling league that is barely making it. It never has that high of ratings and I am sure most of America can not name the team who won the WNBA championship last year. All I can say is that it didn’t work. People covered the story for not even a day and then America was over it. In America, we have turned away from all of this steroid phenomenon because it has been overplayed way too much. She gave her medals back and served her time in jail. To be honest, I think she needs to leave sports for good. Move on with her life and find something new to be passionate about.

My opinion is that all athletes that knowingly or unknowingly use steroids should be banned from sports for life. Steroids take away from the purity of the sport and ruin what authenticity is left. When you use steroids, you are using an illegal advantage that is just making sports a mockery. Bravo to Jones for trying to put her life back together but I am over it and ready to go back to my life without knowing that she was trying to make an athletic comeback.

Jones posing with her five medals that she won at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Jones forfeited the medals in 2007 about admitting to steroid use.


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