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Butler is here to stay

Posted on: April 12, 2010

Butler's Men's Basketball Team huddles before a game at Hinkle Fieldhouse

They are no Cinderella story. They are not going to disappear next year. They are here to stay and they will be taking down more big college programs along the way. That’s right. Butler has made a splash and they don’t plan on leaving the big boy pool anytime soon. Yes, they are a small school in a mid-major conference but they have been building a successful program for the past ten years and have produced coaches that can lead teams far. It first started with Thad Matta, who now leads The Ohio State Buckeyes and then Todd Lickliter led Butler to bigger heights by winning the pre-season NIT tournament in 2007 and now they have the baby faced Brad Stevens who was a bounce away from a National Championship. Here is what will keep the program in national prominence.

Brad Stevens analyzes one of Butler's games from the sidelines

Brad Stevens will be the key to the future success of Butler and athletic director Barry Collier made sure of that last Thursday when he signed Stevens to a 12 year extension of his contract. Even though Stevens looks as though he could be a member of his own team, he has implemented a combination of hard work and dedication that has been successful and taken the team to higher standards. His philosophy that if a player goes down, it is up to the next member of the team to step up inspired many during the tournament and will inspire many future recruits. Shortly after losing the championship game, Stevens was on the road recruiting. His next move is not going after the huge recruits, its going after the recruits who are right for Butler and the program they are trying to build. His philosophy and goals are making many recruits take a second, closer look at Butler which will benefit them greatly in the future.

Sophomore Gordon Hayward drives to the basket during a game this past season.

Gordon Hayward is the second baby-faced member of the team that is still needed to continue the success of Butler. The sophomore became the star of the team during this tournament and started making NBA teams look a little closer at the Indiana native. Although no word has been released from Hayward whether or not he will be leaving college early, it would be better for the team if he stuck around at least another year. The team is returning four of their five starters if Hayward decides to stay and could see another run at the National Title if their last shot hero decides to forgo those NBA millions. It is still up in the air and it will be interesting to see what the baby-faced her decides.


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