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Lorena Ochoa says goodbye to golf

Posted on: April 26, 2010

LPGA golfer Lorena Ochoa

Now, I am the first to admit that I don’t watch golf that often. I maybe watch men’s golf because everyone likes to watch Tiger Woods compete and every once in awhile, maybe Phil Mickelson. So, when I heard that a womans golfer was retiring, I was utterly shocked. It made big news on ESPN and the strange thing was, I have never heard of her. Now, names like Annika Sorenstam and Michelle Wie are very common to anyone who knows sports, but this young lady, Lorena Ochoa is someone I have never even heard of. Well, me not ever hearing of her before is not the key point of this blog, its the reason for leaving.

In her tearful goodbye, Ochoa stated that she was leaving to start a family with her husband whom she recently married this past December. Being 28, Ochoa understands that her biological clock is ticking and she is not the first professional sports woman to recognize that. Another famous golfer, Sorenstam, left at the top of her career in 2008 to start a family with her recently adopted son, so it is not surprising to see it happen again. Ochoa has been number one for the past three years and has won 27 tournaments and close to $15 million in prize money. Instead of gaining on her successes, she is ready to be done. She has had enough and is ready to be done with golf, but did hint that she will compete in the Lorena Ochoa Classic every year and maybe a couple of other tournaments.

Another issue that comes up with Ochoa’s retirement is the effect it will have on the LPGA. Not only did the association lose their top golfer Sorenstam two years ago, but they are now losing another popular top golfer just two years later. They need to find another person within the LPGA to make their sweetheart and pimp out to the American public. I have confidence they will do it, but I also think they will secretly be praying that Ochoa decides to leave retirement in the next couple of years.


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