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Who says goodbye to the NFL?

Posted on: April 26, 2010

University of New Hampshire Scott Sicko

Meet Scott Sicko. The man who dissed the NFL and said “No” to numerous teams and millions of dollars. Now, you may be wondering, what is this guy thinking? Who says “no” to an NFL dream and millions of dollars? Well, here he is and he is not backing down on his decision.

Before the NFL draft was conducted last Thursday, Sicko told numerous sources that if he was not drafted, he would opt out of the NFL and go back to college and get a post-graduate degree in history. Now, I am not one to put down an athlete for choosing to finish his education in favor of millions of dollars, but I have to disagree with Sicko’s choice. He is done with college and has the degree that most professional athletes do not achieve, all he is looking to do is go onto a graduate program. There is no need to be offended by the NFL if you do not get drafted and just turn your back on them just to spite them.

Getting to play in the NFL does not get to happen to every college football player. Many are chosen to come participate but only a few are selected to stay around. Sicko has all of the right characteristics of a Hall of Fame NFL tide end and he still has time to get into the picture. The Dallas Cowboys basically offered Sicko a spot on their roster as a free agent, but he said no. He is holding tight to his pride and just basically throwing a fit because he will not be known as a player who was drafted.

If I was a boy and had a chance of living out my dream of playing in the NFL, I would jump on the chance until my body told me “no more football.” I guess it is just baffling to my mind that he is willing to throw away almost everything just to go to graduate school. As an athlete who is not going to go past playing in college, it is almost an insult to all of us out there who don’t get that chance to move on. My final words are this issue is what a waste of talent.


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