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Kevin Durant is the next Michael Jordan

Posted on: May 4, 2010

Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant

If you follow the NBA, then you know who Kevin Durant is. He is the new hot young thing in the NBA and people are now projecting him to be the next Michael Jordan. No more Kobe or even Lebron. Its all about Keven Durant now.

Durant just became the youngest person in NBA history to capture the coveted scoring title that was a close race with greats like Kobe, Lebron and Dwayne Wade constantly nipping at his heels. He also led a team who only won 23 games last season to a 50+ winning season that included the franchises first playoff berth. Although the Thunder were bounced in the first round by the Los Angelos Lakers, they still had a strong showing against the defending champions by taking two games from them. What Durant did this season is only the start of his great career that is filled with tons of potential. He is stepping out as a leader in the league that has the ability to build a team for many NBA championships. Here is a highlight reel put together by NBA.com about the young and great Kevin Durant.

One award that Durant did not get this season was NBA MVP. Although he was the most deserving, Lebron received it for the the second year in a row and I am going to be honest, I don’t think Lebron did anything that special this year. Lebron is expected to have triple-doubles every night and always be at that high level, but does that mean he deserves the MVP award every year? The answer is “No.” Lebron is a great player, but Durant did so much for the team and the franchise this year, that he was really the MVP of the league. The lack of respect for him because he has to follow Kobe and Lebron is a shame, but I have faith that he will pass both of them eventually.

One thing that is sorely looked upon when it comes to Durant is the way he speaks and the lack of grammar he uses in interviews. He is not the most articulate in interviews which just makes him seem that much more younger and more inexperienced than stars like Kobe and Lebron. If he wants to be seen as a leader in the league and as someone with a lasting career, he will have to step up.

Besides the one downside to Durant, his future seems bright. I have hope that the young and skinny and unrecognized Durant will develop into his potential. Michael Jordan set a hard path to follow, but I see Durant taking on the challenge and conquering it.


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