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Tiger and his dirty words

Posted on: May 4, 2010

It wouldn’t be normal in the sports world if we went a week without discussing the ever disastrous Tiger Woods. After taking a hiatus from golf because of some extra curricular activities away from the golf course, Tiger made his triumphant return a couple of weeks ago at the Masters. The Masters made a young Tiger famous back in 1997 and this was supposed to be the return that would trump all the other golfers. Lets be honest. Golf really is not that popular without Tiger Woods. No one really cares about it and there is not really another huge superstar out there besides Phil Mickelson, but everyone loves Lefty.

So, its should come as no shock to you that Tiger did create some controversy while he was competing. After hitting a bad shot, Tiger usually proclaimed some obscene words of choice that were all caught on camera without hesitation. Now, as someone who is very conscious of his public image, this is very surprising. He knew everyone was going to be watching his public behavior at the event, yet he still let certain words slip while the cameras were running. But, at the same time, I understand where he is coming from. As an athlete, it is very hard to hold in your frustrations when you are playing bad or things are just not going your way. I understand where Tiger is coming from, but I am also not an athlete who is scrutinized in the public eye every second of every day.

Tiger Woods at Quail Hollow

In more recent Tiger Woods news, after his big return at the Masters, Tiger didn’t make the cut at Quail Hollow for only the sixth time in his career. What sports fans must realize is that this is only Tigers second tournament back and his excellent showing at the Masters was really a surprise. He was in good shape, but he had not competed since November when his scandal went down. They way that he played at Quail Hollow is what we should have been expecting from him at the Masters, but Tiger just decided to shock us all with his comeback performance.

As he slowly integrates himself back into golf, we as sports fans should be thankful that he has decided to come back. Golf is more popular than ever and is creating tons of revenue to keep it in the public eye longer. Tiger is also an amazing athlete to watch perform. You may not agree with his personal life choices, but his dedication to the sport and athleticism is incomparable. Bravo to Tiger for returning, but now its time to step it up.


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