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Tiki Barber can’t say “No” to the interns

Posted on: May 4, 2010

Tiki Barber and his wife Ginny

Well, we have all had enough with Tiger Woods and Jesse James. Their names have dominated the press for at least the past couple of months and now, we have to hear about another cheating celebrity. Now who would have thought that retired football star and Today show reporter Tiki Barber would be at the center of another cheating scandal. What makes matters even worse is that Tiki’s wife is pregnant. With twins. Welcome to the bad guy list and don’t worry Tiki, you will not be leaving it anytime soon. His mistress is 13 years younger than he is and she ultimately cost his high profile job at NBC. Lets meet the woman who caused this drama and who will be equally hated by America.

Traci Lynn Johnson

Meet Traci Lynn Johnson. She is a former intern at NBC and a graduate of a small college off of the Hudson River. It is believed that her and Tiki got together in late 2008 and have been secretly flying all over the world to hide their affair. It has been reported that Johnson flew with Tiki to Washington and Arizona last month for some of Barber’s speaking engagements and it is also known that she was with him in Vancouver when he was covering the Winter Olympics for NBC. As you can see from the picture posted as her facebook profile picture, her and Tiki were well acquainted. To hide the affair from her family members, Johnson told her family that she was the family’s babysitter and nothing more.

Last week, Tiki’s wife Ginny filed for divorce while she is 8 months pregnant with twins on bed rest in a New York City hospital. Sources are claiming that the only reason she filed the action against the ex-running back is because he chose to low ball her in financial settlements. Refusing to not have enough money to support her family, Ginny filed on claims of adultery and it seems she will be seeking as much money as she can.

Now, most of you may be asking, where is Tiki during this whole ordeal? His current wife is on bed rest with his future children and she just filed for divorce. Where is he hiding? Well the answer came late last week when it was learned that Tiki was hiding out in a Manhattan bungalow with Johnson trying to lay low until this blows over. First of all, this will not blow over anytime soon. After your wife gives birth, the press will be all over you. Although they were attempting to stay low, they were still spotted around town being affectionate to one another.

Tiki Barber and Traci Johnson hide out at an airport back in 2008

Well Tiki, you have a lot of work cut out for you. It is going to take a lot of time and image rebuilding techniques for you to recover from this type of scandal. I am rooting for your wife. I would try and not be a bad guy in the public anymore because that could hurt you in court and I see your wife taking a lot of your money. At least it is less money that will be going towards your new girlfriend.


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