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Ricky Williams vs. Miami Dolphins vs. Medicinal Marijuana

Posted on: May 5, 2010

Dolphins running back Ricky Williams

As an athlete, one of the very first things you learn when you start getting serious about sports is to stay away from the drugs. They can give you an advantage over other athletes and that is completely unfair to the others who are competing. While most athletes respect this unwritten rule, their was a period of time where Ricky Williams just decided that this rule didn’t exist. He defied all the rules that were taught to him from an early age and he even decided to leave football for a short period of time. How did this great athlete fall off the wagon?

Recently, I watched ESPN’s 30 on 30 documentary called “Run Ricky Run” where the directors searched to find some answers in Ricky’s past that could explain his bizarre behavior and see how he is holding up today. In his younger days, Williams was a promising young athlete and as the Heisman Trophy winner, he had a bright future in the NFL. After being selected 5th overall in the 1999 NFL draft by New Orleans and spending three years there, Williams was traded to the Miami Dolphins. His career was at a stand still and not living up to all the hype. Then in 2004, Williams failed a drug test and instead of paying the $650,000 league fine, Williams retired. He was one of the most hated men in Miami. He just put his team out to dry without anything for them to fall back on. His love of marijuana caused a rift between he and the fans and things did not get any better when Williams up and disappeared to Australia. It seemed as though his life in the NFL was over.

A cartoon put out by Miami fans disgusted with Williams behavior with marijuana

Williams claimed that after taking a hiatus in Australia and smoking as much weed as possible, he went to California and received his Medicinal Marijuana card. He claimed in an interview that the main reason that he did this was to avoid the public humiliation that was associated with all of his failed drug tests. After discovering holistic medicine while in California, Williams gave up marijuana for good and sought to be reinstated to the NFL. After failing a fourth drug test and being suspended for the entire 2006 season, Williams made his debut in November of 2007. He has been the second string running back the past three seasons, but that is not what is important to Williams anymore. He is playing football which is what he loves but he also loves teaching free yoga and studying and practicing holistic medicine. His life turn around is what all athletes need to look up to. Williams may not be the greatest role model when it comes to his past mistakes, but his ability to overcome his adversities is something that we should all look up to.

Bravo Rick Williams! Way to say “Nope to Dope!”

Ricky Williams studies his holistic medicine


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